Happy New School Year....I'm Back!

new school year, back to school

Resolutions are often made at the beginning of a new year. Since this is the start of a new school year, I am making a resolution to blog consistently.

But first, let me (re)introduce myself...

Hi, I'm Rita. I tutor reading and math online.

Like many teachers, I started tutoring just a few students after school a couple of days a week. I loved it. What I didn't like was having my kids stay late at school with me so I could tutor, then rushing home to make and have dinner with my family, and then going back out to meet with more students. I was exhausted.

Then I heard about online tutoring. I could be at home with my family and tutor my students! It was the answer to my problem I was looking for. Eventually, I left my position as a reading and math intervention teacher and started Success Tutoring.

This was all before COVID. I had no idea online instruction was about to become the norm and my business would explode.

In addition to being a tutor, I became a business owner which was all new to me.

Running a business meant I had to market myself so I started a Facebook account and I posted every day and published a blog post once a week.

I bit off way more than I was able to chew.

I couldn't keep up with the pace. So I stopped.

That was over a year ago.

Which brings me to my resolution.

I will publish blog posts weekly. Sometimes they will be about trends in education. But mainly I want to support you by helping you partner with your child's teacher and understanding how you can help your child with reading and math.

I have a number of ideas mapped out. However, it's important to me that I talk about things you want and need to know about.

Comment below and let me know

  • What topics do you want to read about?

  • What questions do you have?

  • What are things your kids struggle with?

  • What do you struggle with?

See you next week.

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